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As the body fall under the cold shadow of death�s embrace
eternal life under the kiss of Ahriman
falling deeper into eternal sleep
a druj of the north, flying down as the insect god
she touches the corpse, demon of the possessed flesh
awaken my flesh as the child of darkness
to enter the flesh, maggots awakening in the spirit
I am death conquered, blood thirsty druj of the haunted wastelands
From death�s embrace do I welcome the touch of Nasu
who is filth incarnate, fly formed goddess of vampiric life
awaken me in the cold place of the temple, defiled by Yatus
by Druj Nasu does the druj rush forth
by Druj Nasu do I awaken from deathless sleep
Be Nasu kasha, who carry the bodies away
to feed the dragon who cuts the flesh away
Mother of Abominations, feed upon the flesh of the dead
may your spirit grow in strength, by your many forms arise

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Black Funeral texty

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