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Bone divider, devouring shadow of darkness
insect limbs, crawling in the cold corners of forgotten tombs
I call to you, druj of death, Astovihad, strong shadow of Ahriman
from the abyss I call you forth, to come unto me
In death do I grow strong in life, let me drink of your eternal fountain
Bone divider, breathe stealer, bless me in the grave
awaken me in death so I may drink of life
Demon who seizes the life, who drags all to the gates of Arezura
Let my noose reach your neck, for in life I shall never let go
spider legs move up and down your spine
sleeping and dreams turn blackened vomit
I drink from your life, in dreaming and waking
I am always there to grow strong from your life
The sun has died, blood is falling from your cup of life
my children drink of it, the Mother of Abominations bathes in this river
death walks with us now, no more light within your life, Astovihad conquers

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