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Antichrist Rising - text


No longer shall man be subservient to any god
freedom lies within the forces of the air
the sun gives the path of enlightenment
born of the black flame
baptized in the blood of Lilith
known to the mirrors of red monks
I have been seen in the fog
dream known through blood
the light of Lucifer is the brightest
from which all freedom and wisdom derives
know thyself and break the chains of bondage
Fenrir seeks to be unleashed
Join with us, we are many
Antichrist is rising
Angel Flesh dripping in fornication
we demand the death of Christianity
everything is backwards
no light in the chapels
no light in the tombs
se**** Jesus, union with demons
Please mistress, scribe my name in the black book
I am NO ONE, Serpent in Eden, LIGHT

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