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Abyssic Doctrine - text


By darkness untouched by Sunlight
Embraced by the serpent's tongue
Long fallen in the corridors of Arezura
Hell welcomes those who may face it
And serpents filling the bowls of the pure
I invoke chaos to corrupt and break down
To rebel towards the darkness of possibility
Humanity as herd indulged prey
Seeking something greater than the spirit
But in the abyss there is nothingness
To the empty
My doctrine is self-deification
To overcome weakness
Let the weak feel guilt
Of spiritual ignorance and blindness
The Serpent's eye opens within
To those who approach the dragon
Who resides in the blood of man
That very storm awakening now
Let my word be the Dragon
The Lie called Druj
No more dawn for those who cannot face it
And the black sun offers a new light
In a new age, we bring the abyss to earth
Machine cold invigorating predator
Anti-life to those who are blind
World without end for the wise
Children of the Lie hear this call
Bring the chaos to the rights of man
Unchain Zohak and march through oceans of blood
Our life eternal... infernal bliss be ours

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