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They say I'm so alone
And I sink faster than a stone
Lost in my trouble...
I don't care!

My body bounces like a ball
The voices speak in my head taking my soul
I bite I kiss nobody catches me
Run and run, again and again...

They say i'm really wild
And that I reacted like a child
Losing my way
I don't care!

I keep my dreams until I die and more!
My blood, my tears fall on the floor
My screams explode from heaven to hell
And again and again!

And they play, and I say
And they rest and I say

No law oh oh!

Drug and sex, fuck this life
In my heart there are a thousand of lies
I lie I cry I smile not ready to die
And again and again!

They say everything I say
Breathe the air I breathe
We are the same
You don't care!

And I stay
Fucking insane!
No law oh oh!

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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