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We wanted to set the world on fire
Erase this world
But we have just burn our lives
So many dreams
There was a revolution to reach the evolution
The dream of all generations
We wanted to be free, make a better life
So many ways
But searching for a liberty that was already in our hands
Locked in a box
Travel across the world
To find another voice
To find another fucking way

Rise up stop fighting your shadows
Always believe in yourself
Blinded by the lights you follow
Want to be a free man
All rules kill me like a cancer
Never follow the leader
Rise up, rise up and go away

Go away!
Open your mind

We wanted to be strong to survive
So much anger
But we forgot to live our lives
The wrong voices
I don't have satisfaction, losing all the way emotions
To result my destruction

I set the world on fire
Ooo erase this world
I always wanted to be free
Ooo locked in a bow

I'm still strange
How to survive ?
Forget your anger
Yeah i learn every day!

Choosing the way and accepting my mistakes (my mistakes!)
Until the end i walk with my regrets (my regrets!)

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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