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Rescue from This World - text


It's alright oh yeah
It's alright yeah man
It's alright you're my friend
It's alright until the end.

What sort of a man can i be if i don't help out my friends?
What sort of a man can i be if i don't act like a man?
What sort of a man can i be ...

To give apart of me, a breath, my faith
Light in the dark, new beat day by day
I don't know if i'm stronger than my fears
To fight for your battles, a right of life
Rage in my eyes, all the stars in me
Hold me in your arms and come dance with death.

Rescue from this world!
Put your hand in mine
Rescue from this world!
No one wants this end
Forget the bite of this suffering
Old or young, always the same way
Rescue from this world!

Seeking the fire of life in your heart
And burning like a star every day
I don't want to forget everything we had
Drinking your tears to dry your pain, your hate
The fear of death i say i fuck this fate
Everything is possible, so follow me

Let me be your antidote
Is this another stream or last call
I release your body from this hurt
Something new arrives in my heart and in my soul

Someone help! Someone help you
Rescue from this world !

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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