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After all these years
Still alive!
We are still hungry
Still hungry!
No need to be pushed
Get away!
We live to be real
Fuck yeah!

Each day i realize
It's obvious!
My rage is rising
More and more!
We'll never be calmed
No fucking way!
Like being addicted!
Like a drug!

We're burning up!
River of lava!
Can't put us out!
Fucking white hot!
We're made for this
We're not giving up
Nothing's as good

We play as if it was our last gig,
I'm the devil inside you
We love to share our fast and be with you,
We'll do it, again and again
Why should we stop know and quit this shit?
The devil inside your brain
We are so proud to live these feelings
You will always be in our hearts!

We're burning up, we're not giving up
We're burning up! On fire!

Burning up!

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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