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The Comeback Song - text

No you didn’t
It’s Paige and Frankie

Sitting in science class
I’m mind’in my own buisness
Roby starts talkin’ trash
He thinks that he can dish it!
He’s like
Nice glasses,did you get them from your grandma ?!
So I’m like ... second
Uh..still thinkin’
Yeah! They help me see you have a stupid haircut!
We’re so good at comebacks
Going to be worth the wait
Make your brain with punchlines,so what if it takes a day?!
This is the comeback song!
The comeback song,the comeback song

A few days later
I’m craving for some juice
So many delicious flavours
I don’t know what to choose
The cashier rolls her eyes and says ,,Could you take any longer?!,,
So I’m like... Uh,hang on-na ... I got this...
I’m sorry,I didn’t order a glass of your opinion!
We’re so good at comebacks
There ain’t nobody greater
We’re spitting straight fire
Who cares if it’s three months later?!
This is the comeback song,the comeback song,the comeback song

Finally it’s the weekend
We bout to let loose
Chillin’ on the seesaw but this lady don’t aprove,she’s like ,,aren’t you too old to be playng at the playground?!,,
So we’re like..wait for it..don’t leave yet !
Yo momma’s-uh..

We’re so goood at comebacks,we’ll find the perfect line
Hit you with the bestest,even if it takes a lifetime!
This is our comeback song,our comeback song,our comeback song

Hey lady,aren’t you too old to be..Wait what was it again?
I don’t remember
We’ve wasted our lifes ...

Text přidala SamThatGirl

Video přidala SamThatGirl

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