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Anxiety Puke / Lovelessness - text


Wretched retching reeling
Foul sinking feeling
No love here, none at all
And my rapture breaks
Love came for me
My love will kill me
While I shudder and shrink, cowering
Laid under earth, so sickening
And my rapture breaks
Love came for me
Down we went, with spirit
Consuming sickness to feel it
A lovers death to canonize
Relish the flame, the piety
With such a violent clarity
Bruised and torn, lay down low
Stay with me, my lovelessness
Cheers to love and needing
Cruel breeding, bleeding
Love so ruthless we clip its wings
The familiar walks on by
Reach a broken, stuttering high
Slow dancing or heavy spar
Uncovered your map of scars
Steal your fire, spread it out
She cried, to put it out
For many years, she cried
To dive in you, tear it out
Cheers to love, broken, bleeding
Cheers to love, moments fleeting

Text přidala Eva01

Video přidala Eva01

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