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Oh Randy, leave it up to me
I'll pour the water if you bring the tree
Nothing looks that real to me
I only see two or three colors
Whats it like to breath in?
Find a friend and gather with him?
I'm a wolf in a city of women
You only know the light is on
Will you plant that sycamore baby?
I'll watch it grow from the second floor
I haven't left the house much lately
And you don't come around here anymore
And all those lovers in their velvet gowns
I wanna take that trip uptown
Will you tell them to let me out
When you can see the light is on?
Found a horse hair in my food
There's a raccoon in my room
There are bluejays all in bloom
All along the cement floor
Randy, they say I've gone insane
So could you take me dancing in the pouring rain?
You don't know me but you know my name
Will you say it till the light is gone?

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