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I am a supa, dupa, troopa
Used to the bottom - scuba
So I'm on the grind - skateboard or scoota,
'Till I am the king of my castle - Koopa,
Dawg i took a shot in the dark in an industry of sharks
That's surrounded by water - Cuba,
I can make an Einstein’s mind feel stoopa
And I can make an insecure bitch feel supa
Realest nigga eva - Kunta Kinte
Ultra - master, super - sensei
Dawg, in the ninth inning
We’re just trying to hit a homer - marge
Comprende? Hard - al dente
MJ - Jordan or Jackson
Only difference is, I ain’t fucking with these kids
Sean - Big
A problem too big - trig
You niggas ain’t shit - pissed - tsk tsk
I does it, I I does it (Does it)
And I’m gonna make this look like nothin' (nothin')
Watch me make this look like nothin' (it's nothin')
I'm gonna make this look like nothin'
I am Solo, Dolo
When they see me on my high horse - polo
You see what I’m wearin, I know those
Hoes'll want the same thing - homo
Elton, JoJo
Made for the block - O’Neil, Romo
You hated on the block - robo po-po
But more important-ly
The story of my life, is to get glory off of mic’s - Quincy
Remember that the F, F doesn’t stand for Fendy
Finally Famous - you are an attendee
You are labeled small - indie
Scene me, or sent me
And I’m expected to blow - Lindsay
And if she’s on my pipe, I will make her go down - Draino
Tell that bitch to eat her heart out - Caino
Hannibal, Cannibal,
Sean, the man up in the hood
Mechanical, this is the manual.
I does it, I I does it (Does it)
And I’m gonna make this look like nothing (nothin)
Watch me make this look like nothing (its nothin)
I'm gonna make this look like nothin

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Finally Famous Vol. 2: UKNOWBIGSEAN

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