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Okay Ft. GLC & Chip Tha Ripper - text

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[Shortened Hook: Big Sean]
Now we gon' get it like we should...
Okay [6x]
And we livin' real good...
Okay [6x]
[Verse 1: GLC]
Black T, fitted jacket
CD's stackin'
See what's crackin'
Just imagine he ain't packin'
Now it's a joke like he ain't mackin'
If your girl ain't trying to go
Better leave; don't lead to scrappin' (Aite)
GLC remarkably;
Exercise is pimpin tactics
She gave me easy access
But she needs some assets
Her friends informative; I call them "Readers Digest"
All up on the internet
They documenting my progress (What?)
Everything I do and say
Immaculatin' I guess
Having goals, getting close
What's too close for comfort...
It's difficult up in the 'Go
When you got no sponsor...
Trying to get my bankroll...
Beasts have heard me; Monster
Paper stacking up to the ceiling
What a feeling, it's so appealing
[Full Hook]
Now we gon' get it like we should...
Okay [6x]
And we livin' real good...
Okay [6x]
And I bet that my bitch look better than just...
OKay [6x]
And we gonna be doing this forever
Okay [2X]
And ever
Okay [2x]
And ever
Okay [3x]
[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Now they gonna say that nigga B.I. on top of his B.I.; Business
Got signed like petitions
Committed to commission
Im gonna get it till' my chick got every pair of high heals
All my cribs on high hills...
This is how I feel
On track on top of tracks
You can ask my nigga GL
Hop on tracks with me; fuck around and get derailed
I come from where that cash is more important than the people
If it's prices on your head, then you're gonna get retailed
Come through in the spot...
Bet they give me props
Like a broadway show
Now who them broads waiting for?
Man who the D applaud for?
To keep goin', they pourin', supportin'
And that's why I do it for them
[Verse 3: Chip Tha Ripper]
Hold up Sean, roll up some
And let me talk
I didn't crawl to get wet
I am dog, now let me walk, it out
All across every hood
All across the map
All across the global...
And I just need a thick model chick to come home to
Teach her how to work pro tools
Therapy for my vocals
Living good in South Beach
Smoking tree with the locals
Fuck you Mr. Middle Man
I'm so glad I cut you out
Now I'm about to show you what this stunting on them really about
Show you what my city's about
Even though I'm chilling up in the Chi
Cleveland on my left field, Mid West niggas never die (Never)
We just hop on planes and change the time...
So let me set my G Shock
Sean tell them my state of mind

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