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[Verse 1: ~Big Boi~]
It is I the B I G the B O I*
[? ] my ears to the street n eyes to the sky
Kept my sights on the prize wide open doors wide
Like the thighs of a hooker spread told the girl bye
I got bigger fish to fry niggas wish I would retire
Cause of the pressure I apply everytime I bust a rhyme
[? ] watch me stimulate the mind
Of the masses while you niggas kicking it like jackasses
N who you voting for republican or democratic?
Don't say it doesnt matter cause that's how they stole the last one
Assassins bullets might be waiting for Obama
Do you think they'll have a brother before billys baby momma come on
[Chorus (4x):]
Look at the way you look at me da-daddy fat sax
In my cadillac six woofers and four amps
[Verse 2:]
My daddy told me it was mine for the taking
A true gift from God the stars aligned when they made me
Him a renas baby they first born son
I'm Antwon Andre Patton the only one
But mind of a champion with heart of a lion
I'm defying all the laws like a caterpillar flying
Way before my time and reside in the dirty dirty
Where they still hanging lynches like we in the early thirties
God damn you know who I am (da-daddy fat sax)
Royal fam of atlanta dungeon bitch you understand boi
This ain't what you want let be clear from the bungie
I write knock out songs you spit punchlines for money
[Chorus x4]
With my ears to the streets n my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my nigga and you jus fly (fly-y)
Cause I'm (da-daddy fat sax) take that muthafucka take that
With my ears to the streets n my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my nigga and you jus fly (fly cause he's daddy fat sax)
Riding off in a cadillac like that nig
[Chorus x4]

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