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all around me – just feel me
NY to cali – now feel me
we gettin' this like this no miss we hits
like a cannon ball get my drift, oh,.

yeah, yeah, ooh child I love that sound
make me wanna get up throw my head so wild
it's so damn physical GD got you busy now
see me gettin' (crazy) benjis by the millies now

I hit'em with some more style (deadily) you know
I'll blow down every single brick in a showdown
(in only the first round) 'cause that's how it goes down
T-O-P this ain't the last of me

it's steady takin' over me
just can't stop movin' my feet
and I don't wanna stop baby i'm fine

I hope yall ready for this 'cause yo we got that big bang
just get up throw up your fist and yo follow when we sing la ra ra

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Number 1

Big Bang texty

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