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Big Ali ft Shana P-Distress (Sending out an S.. - text


Oh I'm tired of the fighting I wanna give it up
All we do is screaming at each other where is the love

All the things you do are just just not enough
Tell me why is this relationship so tough
Let me go here we go again

Before I go insane
The pain is running through my brain
I need to run away

Only you can make me crazy
My heart is yours for the taking
Anything that you want, girl I get it for you
No need to front baby you know i love u

I'm sending out an SOS
can you feel my own distress
tonight I'm letting all behind
my worries don't need them tonight

Now she's a choosy lover
And that's word to isley bros
She's the top pick on my hot list
Like kieth sweat yeah i want her
She's my sun im her moon
And we kiss over the stars
Skin creamy like milkyway
Sweet like a chocolate bar of mars
So as long as im on earth
Her hapiness is my honor
So when she sends an sos
Im her knight in shining amour
Man i swear to see her smile
It be worth all of the drama
Then i looked her up and down and said
Mmm i got her

Take up your phone send me a texte
This three letters is sos
Pull out your phone send me a texte
This three letters is sos

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