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Ask yourself if you an asshole,
I'm not being mean or angry
I'm simply asking a question.
I guarantee you won't think so.
Do you do enough for others?
Do you give of yourself?
Are you selfless?
Each day when you wake up do you smile and
stretch and meet the day?
Yeah right !
Do you whine about your job?
Your friends?
About money?
Do you want a new skater board?
A new car? A new life?
Are you a gossip?
Do you talk about your neighbor?
Do you talk about people you don't know?
And speak negatively?
It must be exhausting for you!
Poor you with your apartment and
your Levi's and
your x still phoningand
your bank line ups and Nikes!
Poor you had to pick up that check at that restaurant,
Poor you and that grocery shopping,
Poor you and your good health,
Poor you.and your place to live,
Poor you ASSHOLE

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