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(that's Something)
I think I'd never come today
(The question must be simple)
Why can't you admit you're a man?
Kneel down in front of me and praise
My life (oh me)
Now I feel this form it comes alive
I want to feel the way I wanted to feel
Like I feel exactly today
I want to feed on ways gods have degraded on
Race and acceptance is me
Where am I?
Am I still home?
The answer must be simple
I remember everything was... once.
It is the only thing I can remember
That by itself must mean to me
I could save myself later on
Now feel this form it comes alive
...Its me -
Time for reason
My spinal chord aches
For now I'm stable
And some raindrops hit a silent lake
Bless my soul it's done for today,
And then start vanishing
Unless you've got
Something else to say
Say to me,
Saved for me,
Look for me
After me,
Now that I'm gone you would
Still be there making me
Especially in theses times
To be free is to adore
And maybe I don't know who you are but at least I'm not
Time for me

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