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I pretend you don't use
As a way to provide the excuse

I've been read through my head
When I couldn't afford the nuisance
Just to come back again
And look away as you
Throw away the king

You retain the guilt
Well I guess that's the way
Milk gets spilt (sic)

And yes
I've been lead
Through a herd
When I couldn't stop the nuisance
Just to come back again
Just to feel you near me

Gather the children and watch as they're playing
They'll surely be telling the tale of my impending fall
I used to be the king of it all...

Someone got hit at that terrible old junction
The witnesses pray as the awkwardness washes away
It's just another one of those days

Send me a victim and I'll show you a sign
Nothing gets better and nothing is fine
That's the way of the world you created
When you threw away the king

Throw away the king
And look away as you
Throw away the king.

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