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Those fists won't reach where she lays tonight. Your
little star in the sky just fell. For every minute she
spent in your heaven, was just a minute more in her hell.
Away from this world is her place in this world. Where
the sun's rising doesn't bring with it pain.
You have lost her now... she has forgotten you now.
Her nightmares and secrets washed away. The past won't
escape with your tears forever encased in hollowed out
soul. And that day when the smoke finally clears... your
dark, empty life will be the only one you know. This
picture of her, dead in your arms, will hang from the
nail that she drove through your heart. Your little
star in the sky just fell.

Text přidala Raduwa

Video přidal DevilDan

Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me texty

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