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Your Last Lies - text


I've nothing to tell you
but I've something to do to you
It's not the time to explain what I want from you -
'cause I need you.
Maybe you need a lot of time to understand what
you've done to me -
to my life - and to all the things that I have -
but I need you.

Feeling pain and seeking answers...
Where is the light that was in you?

Let me say what I really feel for you:
There are things that I can lose... NOT YOU!

I can't lose you - I hate you.
Be damned my mind and my love too.
You know that it's not a game but you want to play
again - I forgive you.
The life wheel turns.
Maybe Fate has a surprise for you.
Maybe you'll finally know what real hell is -
'cause I'll kill you.

Feeling pain and seeking. answers...
Where is the light that was in you?

I will try to take your life
and I've not much time.

Hey, dear friends, maybe I'm losing myself.
Living like a man split in two in this wasted time
Hey, my God, where's the world that you tell of?
Where is love?
Where's the heaven that you promised?

Is this the time to lose all my dreams?
Is this the time to be lost?

I've not the time to forget all I want
I prefer to destroy you and your life.
My real obsession, your blood will be spilled
by my hand and then I will close my mind.

My rebirth will begin when you are dead and gone

Do you know that I'm falling?
Do you know that you won't feel better?
Do you know that we're falling?

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