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...and the Pain Will Be My Grave - text

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I'm a victim, and you're still there
and one more time you're laughing!
I'm bleeding, don't you know?
It's a pleasure to suffer, to cry...for me!
I still love your embrace and
I'll thank you
I still live in the darkness
please come out
weird scenes inside my brain now
I could help you
I fill your sight upon me
Madness within
but straight away it seems to see a new light
I'm a sinner
and once again, I'll must come back to my cage
I walk alone, straight to the door
I'm afraid to know what could happen
if I open it
Don't you prefer to discover the truth by yourself?
How long can you resist in this place?
Don't you want to come with me?
Outside there's a world that's waiting for you
it's exciting, try to left behind you all your pain
Pain is my best friend my dear
pain is the best thing that I have
if you're standing here, soon I die
and the pain will be my grave

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