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Human Being - text


[She **] me on a Monday that’s what I like to see
[ ** me] on a Tuesday that’s what its meant to be
[** me] on a Wednesday I wouldn’t want to say
[**] on a Thursday is there any other way
[** me] on a Friday she’s gonna break your neck
Saturday comes around [********]
I thought I’d make it Sunday but I didn’t see it coming
[***] has started humming & my friends have started running

I only want to count the days to say we made another day
Daytime seems to last too long [at nights I scream and live alone?]
Some peace of mind for the girl inside,
some little piece for the men who hide
Some peace of mind for the girl inside,
so little peace for the men who hide

We might just break, can you hear us crying?
We might just break, can you see us crying?

I find it very hard to say what I see
I’m going through my mind when she’s looking up at me
All the things I’ve said right now for both of us came true
Who will look for me when I disappear in you?
It’s never very clear just who’s in control
It’s all so beautiful what’s the point of it all

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Hot Shots II

Beta Band texty

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