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Apocalypse Prayer - text


You can't understand
All this fucking hate
Burning deep inside of me
Consuming my very soul

I want to burn all bridges
Leave all shit behind
I want your see your fucking eyes
Cry out your vain hope

You cunts gave me no choice
And maybe there never was
The ruins you call world
Shall be blown to the fucking ground

Christians, Muslims, Jews
And all you fucking else
How beautiful would it not be
To see all your throats cut

Yes, I worship The Devil
And I don't believe in heaven's grace
One day the fucking smile
Shall melt in nuclear fire

I would rejoice in seeing you fucks
Writhe in endless pain
The fire that burns within me
Shall burn your dirty souls

Oh, I want to paint the world
With the blood of your children
See your future fucking die
And all you shall remember is pain

I wouldn't give a fuck
If all the children died
If all helping hands
Were cut off at birth

And I shall piss on the corpses
Of a mother and her child
Then I shall drench it all in gasoline
And light the fucking match

I call upon the spirits of napalm
Landmine, shrapnel and death
Now, give your sacred blessings
To all living on this earth

Warslaughter 2002

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