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Time for Gathering - text

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The night’s colour are calling me
They are tempting my senses
Without borders
The world is rotating in fiery pentagram
Full of false and hypocrisy
I’m rejecting it
Mirror of my condemned soul
is breaking makes free
Demons of evil
In candle-lights dusted books
with hidden truths
I’m absorbing them
Destination- it’s a card given by fate
Hatred- it’s weapon to destroy the enemies
Instinct- it’s gift shows you the way
Pain -it’s delight I receive and give to others
In hellish fire horned beast is my destination
Symbols of cross wakes my hate
I choose black paths instinctive for years
My life is passing away in delight and pain
The sound of great bell is ringing
Around giving initiated the sign
To gathering
My heart beats and speeding up the rhythm
Giving the strength and the power
To my body
For long mystic night
I’m putting on a habit for time
The mystery
On the altar of pain
I’m giving my sacrifice
Without regret

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