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Demon of Destruction (Agares) - text

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In Times, when Sun was a young son of galaxy
White haired angel from second circle of virtues choir
He was obtained by missions and knowledge about future events
And was teaching a magic, knowledge and wisdom from around the world
For that he was exiled and cursed
For that he is lost and forgotten
Imprisoned by Salomon in huge brass pot
Put to the bottom of deep lake with wiliness set himself free
As a prince of hells he orders a thirty one legions of ghosts
He is straight under the Lucifer’s dominion
He stands on his fist and holds a great goshawk
Who, as a scout, can see everything
Can order a deserters on a battlefield
Whose attack shatters the enemies
He destroys a nowadays, spiritual dignities
Orders a destructive earthquakes
AGARES – Demon of Destruction!!!

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