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Under cover of darkness
Born to the wickedness
They are marching on
Toward the gathering zone
Fascination and devotion in their eyes
Celebrating Darkness
Tranquillity and calmness on each face
Before joining the mass
Under cover of darkness
Advocates of Lucifer�s power
Gathered around burning flames
To await the mysterious hour
Half-naked master
Now hits the gong
Half-naked master
Now raises his hands
The ceremony has begun
Time of worship
Dismal chants
Narcotic dance
The ecstasy of Pentagram is wafting all around
Surrounded by prayers
I am delighted
Lucifer! Hear my call!
Your presence will honour us all
Time of sacrifice
Spilled blood already found
The smell of opium and fertile wombs is wafting all around
It is night
The Devil�s night
The words of a prayer
In nomine Satanas!!!
A response to the hell
In nomine Satanas!!!
The bible into flame has burst
The crucifix broken and cursed
All symbols of Jahwe
Downtrodden to the ground
In hatred toward the Nazarene painful pleasure we have found
It is time of vengeance
Time of pandemonic truth
Dancing demons I can see
From dead bodies blood flows free
When the ritual�s fulfilled
Collective orgy in blood spilled
Living shadows cast by fire
Make much stronger our desire
Delight, magic, pleasure (from deep Hell)
For glory of our Master - Lucifer
The drawn-out sound of gong
Means the ritual has last too long
The hill is left without a trace
But the smell of pleasure remains
The shroud of darkness descends
And pale dawn slowly breaks

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Black Mass


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