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The Sunstone - text

Follow me !
To see a land across ice and snow...
Follow me !
To bring our children some legacy !
Follow me !
If you want to live with majesty !
Follow me !
Future generations will follow...

Cross the sea !
Stone will guide us to meet the
Prophecy !
Says when the storm will clear
We can see
This brand new land of fertility
Follow me !
To see wealth , to see foreign Lands....

I can't believe what I see
We've never seen such a storm
The sea's unleashed, we surely will sink.
The Gods try to take our boat...
We'll drown , We'll meet Njord's embrace.
Last Hope : Hold on to the sunstone..

Fog has cleared !!
throughout the mist , we guess some land...
up on the hills...
We discover the land We dreamt...
We made it
The witch was right, Let us Hail the Gods...
Future generations will follow...

Text přidal roman59

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