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On The Road - text

I don't want to spend my life
reminding me the good things
crying over the last moments
thinking again about my mistakes
I would not run away
Right in front of adversity
I would destroy all these walls
All these barriers in my head

I just want to be free, and to have good times,
and to play all the aces, 'til i'm falling down !!!
on the Road full of pitfalls , we don't give a damn
We are here to play and to have good times !

I just want to live today...
Why Should I wait another day?
To travel around the world
To meet new people every day
I just want to slake my thirst
I want to be the first
there's still some way to go
To obtain the winning goal.

Last night I met another girl...
She tried to keep me in her world...
Promising good meals and children...
Mouhahahaha.... poor little girl

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