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I Am a Dead Man - text

You live your life, you aim for heights
as you can...
Play rock'n'roll like your idols
as you can...
What you expect, what you can get :
not the same...
You're not a sheep, stop your bullshit,
wake up man !

Can hold the world in your hands !
The Grail's behind the veil !

Now it's time to change my mind
And leave all those things behind...
I am a dead man !
This ain't what I want and if it's life....
Then I'm a dead man !

And so it goes : you chew on bones
as you can...
You pay the price of their caprice
as you can...
There is no strife, just a half-life,
brainless man !
And every day for you I'll pray,
puppet man !

Text přidal roman59

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