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Phantom Ship - text


(A) Vessel floats and does darkness bear
Silent calm of the grave is there
Now and then hear the death-knell ring
Mist surrounds it

Rotten masts rising in the sky
Putrid flesh there`s no sign of life
Hollow eyes of the Undead glint
Madness rises

See St. Elmo`s fires burning
As the Wheel of Time keeps turning
But the curse goes on forever
Lost souls roaming through the never

Hear a legend reborn
See the crestfallen facing the eye of the storm
The Ancient Mariner is back
As the Phantom Ship has hauled the flag

Many lifes do they range the seas
There`s no mean that can set them free
A decade do they have to wait
To hit the land

Ocean boils still the ship sails on
Through the storm - try to turn the Horn
But in vain every time they fail

Solos: Andrey/Pavel

There lies a wreck on the dismal shore
Moonlit sight, upon mounts of frost
Steam fog does from the ashes rise
Souls are crying

It`s Wicked Twin does still fight the waves
The ghostly bark here and there is seen
Eerie tale never seems to end
Famed in legends

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