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In Quest for Planet Eden - text


When you look at the stars in the sky, What
do you think about in darkness of the night?
Fires of Heaven`s shine enlightens your mind
And takes you away on a dreamy ride

One little planet was invaded,
Hope for salvation almost faded.
All existance was decimated
few survivors could escape it.

If you have a dream –
Go and get it.
And let it
Be your guide through life.
try to touch the stars –
Find your Eden.
Find freedom
For your tribe.

They flew away on a cateran`s ship
And it set off on a long and tricky trip.
Floating through the void among asteroids
hoping to regain one day their homes destroyed

Thoughts of their birth-place did not give peace
look for shelter in the cold space
They heard a legend of planet Eden
That can make all your dreams real.

Solos: Andrey/Pavel/Andrey/Pavel

Millions years have passed since their journey began
It became a myth betwitx the mortal men
Their legend passed on from lip to lip
Fathers tell their sons as their ancestors did

A new constellation did appear
Stargazers` eyes filled with tears
The voyage ended on shores of Eden
But the story will live for Aeons

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