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Yeah, Sick of pain, I'm sick of losing, sick of boozing
Sick of pussy ass niggas, man I'm sick of music
Sick of radio gypping us out of air times
Sick of this fucking barber thats bringing back my hair line
Sick of niggas saying "J you need a sicker single,
You know, something for the club, with a catchy jingle"
Sick of skinny jeans, I'm sipping promethazine
I throw this molotov cocktail at your limousine
Sick of being broke, sick of rappers saying "if I weren't rapping I'd probably be out selling coke"
Sick of republicans hating on Obama
Yet I'm sick of Obama, Sick of fucking your momma nigga
Sick of jerkin off, sick of ramen noodles
This is fight back music, get your moms approval
Hear that beautiful nerve is biting my cuticle
Body these fucking rappers and have a seat at their funeral
Sick of MTV not playing videos
Sick of niggas getting on with bullshit material
I'm sick of hating on niggas thats getting on by the time I'm done writing I'm fucking sick of this song
I'm sick of flicking this needle inside my palm
To get me that quick fix I stick the shit in my arm
I'm a bomb getting ready to detonate got my hand on a razor blade and I'm coming right for your face
I'm sick of worrying, sick of stressing, sick of bill collectors saying "we're sending you to collection"
Jarren Benton, Sicker than infection, sick of being lost with no direction
Sick of fucking hoes with no protection, sick as Riggs on lethal weapon
Damien, eat em up for breakfast evil presence, non milli mac ten mac eleven
Pack a weapon crack his melon faggots yellin tattle tellin
You niggas pussy as Ellen
I'm illy, still at it, naw nigga I'm Ill matic
Fiend of a microphones I'm a real addict
Sick of trippin, brains missing, stick the clip in, fuck this shit nigga I'm sick of living.

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