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Horní menu (featuring May J. and Curtis Young.. - text


I’m on a quest for destruction, emotional demolition
A mission of sabotage, avoidance of the coalition
Now I’m giving up on love, what has it ever done for me?
Bearer of sorrow, pain and fond memories of misery

Don’t understand why falling should be indescribably hard
You make the leap and tumble, wearing proudly all your scars
I wanna be with you, why is that you only see
The side of me I cannot grasp, the oh-so unfamiliar me?

Watch the barriers come up, instinct before I know to stop, I’m sorry
No matter how hard I may try I know I’m gonna say goodbye

Want you to tell me ‘bout the person I should be
It’s peculiar, unfamiliar
There’s no reflection nothing looking back at me
It’s peculiar, unfamiliar

Velocity of the spiral I’ve begun
What is the name of this monster I’ve become?
Who will I be when the final note has been sung?
It’s peculiar, unfamiliar me

Coz for some it’s plain to see
They know who am I gonna be tomorrow
But right now it’s down to me
Define myself in certainty


I’m looking for someone
Don’t know where they have gone
A home where they belong
Tell me something

A name I used to know
Is this now how I roll
Question not
But don’t ask me why


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