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U Won’t 4get M.E. - text


I see you looking at us
Not liking what you see
You can discriminate us
But that won’t make us bleed
Coz I see you movin’ to the groove we’re makin’
And you’re shakin’ to the beat we bounce so…
Come over here, we don’t bite, look right
Sit tight, we’re you’re new best friends for life

I’ve been up all night
I don’t have enough tears
For what you’ve done to me
I’ll set your house alight
I’ll drop the match
For all the world to see
You won’t forget me

*You can run but I’ll outrun you hun
You can fly, banzai out of the sky
You can drive you’ll never survive
(Don’t try)
(You won’t forget me)
Go move on, anon won’t be long gone
Go impress, confess you I possess
Don’t you cry, imply that you are mine
(Don’t try)
(You won’t forget me)

And through my misty eyes now
The world looks black and blue
Your every breath makes me seethe
But what’s a boy to do
It’s so easy being all limp and breezy
Make you sleezy over meezy so
I’ll beat you down to the ground
Don’t make a sound, no-one’s ever gonna come for you

I’ve been up all night
Just trying to see things
From your twisted point of view
I’m sorry for Snow White
The prince wasn’t
All he cracked up to be
She won’t forget me


**So long, be gone, your life will carry on
So long, be gone, don’t cry as we burn on you

I got an itch, don’t twitch, you can be my bitch
I know that you secretly want to



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