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Safe and calm within this machine
Don’t have a heart, just paper and magazines
You think you know from what you’ve already seen
Swipe and repeat

I wouldn’t know how to talk to a human being
Crazy animals never say what they mean
Always going to places they’ve already been
Swipe and repeat

Connect with me, the only way how
Touch the screen, do you see me now?
Have I changed? Am I still the same?
A pretty interface with a prettier name
Connect with me, the only way how
Grab my app, can you hear me now?
Do ya think I’m all of what you’ve seen?
Are you even there beyond the touchscreen?

Stay away and don’t get too close
This is the make and the model that I chose
Look at the star in his fancy clothes
Now swipe and repeat

They pull me out and try to switch me on
Maybe I will sing just one more song
Lock me away when I am done
Just swipe and repeat


I dance alone within la discothèque
I put myself inside this dizkonnekt

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