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Swing Baby! (Gaia Online’s PROMAGEDDON) - text


Hey baby won’t you come with me
To a place where you’ve never been?
Hey baby won’t you take a seat
And let the freak show party begin?
A special place where hearts are left at the door
And love ain’t never ever come here before
So hey baby down your maitai in one
So that you’re loose enough to step on the floor

[*] Bend with me
Sway with me
Lose your feet
And swing

[**] Now swing now baby now
Swing it all around I’ll make you see
Just swing now baby now
We be all alone just you and me
So sing now make it loud
Drop it to the floor so you can’t breathe
Just swing now baby now
Oh swing for me baby

Stop and take it right down low
Coz we’re gonna break it down and take it nice and slow
You gotta think with the beat
Coz your conscience ain’t gon’ stand up against the heat
And now I got you intrigued
You’re gonna sample the delights lying at your feet
It won’t be too long now
I’m gonna sit back and watch you move and make me proud

[***] It’s just inevitability
Flying all around with your special agility
Breaking hearts like a bit liability
Oh baby, I was never interested in trilogy


You gotta swing for me baby don’t you ever stop
Coz this party’s getting me hard and I wanna make you drop
From the floor to bed, yeah you got inside my head
Screaming dirty little words that nobody’s ever said
I don’t intend disrespect, this is as good as it can get
You give in the club, you can take it in the bed
With other couples? That’s not really my kinda thing
Coz tonight’s it’s you and me and I just wanna see you swing


[*** REPEAT]


And it’s as simple as that
As a matter of fact
To you I tip my hat

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