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Come on now honey, don’t you worry
You just picked the wrong fight
Silly bitch, don’t ever think
You have control of my life
Just disappear, hear them cheer
No-one’s gonna miss you
You’ll be a whore forevermore
And kiss goodbye to your boo

They’ll never know it was love at the start
They’ll never know what you did to my heart
Who would have thought of the fate?
Or that love turns to hate?
Or the fire that burns when we part?

*Hey twisted sister gonna miss ya when you disappear
I got a stalker, greasy talker jumping outta here
Nobody believes your lies
Your pride has run out of time
Hey twisted sister gonna blister when you play with fire
Nobody likes a bunny-boiler or compulsive liar
Coz now we see through your face
Personality disgrace

They’re gonna getcha now…

Drop it baby, got me crazy
For a taste of your blood
Watch you try, watch you cry
Wanna make you hurt
Scream it loud, like the pain?
Sound it like my name
I’ll do you good, like I should
Coz I can play your game

I’ll never tell coz I gave you my heart
I’ll never tell how I’m falling apart
Karma’s a bitch dontcha know
When you act like a ho
Coz the world’s always known from the start


Maybe it’s coz I love you
Maybe it’s coz I tried too hard
Maybe it’s coz I want to
Maybe it’s coz you hit the spot
Tell me why when there is pain
There is always someone to blame

They’ll never know…


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