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So Much More… (Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing) - text


I hear my name blow through the wind
Temptation to chase but who knows where it goes
I don’t have a choice, the race begins
Leaving behind a life that nobody chose

[*] One foot after the other
We will find our way through
One day after another

Come on and let it rip

[**]I’ve gotta be so much more than this
And I’m gonna try
I’m cool in a twisted kind of bliss
With saying good-bye
Coz I can’t look back
No more turning back
Til I find my way back home, and I know
I’ve gotta be so much more than this
But what can I be if not me?

I feel the pressure raining down
Like a hand on my heart that’s stopping me to breathe
You were never the one to let me down
Now you ripped up my heart, I don’t want to believe

One foot after the other
It will all be come clear
One day after another

And sing it with me now


You can’t map out my destiny
Gotta be lost before I can be found
Drop the guitar…



No compromise
Be true

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