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Stepping out on a mission, gotta make it right
Smear my eyes coz we got a point to prove tonight
We don’t need no-one, we make the rules on our own
Independently we’re shaking up the club tonight
Call me all you like coz right now I can’t hear my phone
Can you see? I’m exactly what I wanna be and nothing else
Come with me, skinny jeans, wearing shades in the dark
Coz you’re too damn freakin’ sexy

Turn it up, stand your ground, we gon‘ turn it all around tonight
Take the stare, take the glare coz we’re taking on the club tonight
There’s always something they wanna be changing about me
But I can only be
And if you’re too freakin’ sexy just take off your shirt
And stand over here and raise and your hand

I’m not prepared to compromise myself to fit your mood
We have the right to be ourselves and the right to choose
We’re the warriors who battle for the others
Take the punches because freedom will be worth the pain
Raise your glasses and we’ll dance and scream the tears away
Can you see? They’re the ones acting skeezily and no-one else
Come with me, black shirt with a neon bra, and cowgirl boots
Coz you’re too damn freakin’ sexy


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