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Ready to be Loved - text


End of another day, the night fills my empty bed
The touch is now a memory that used to want me
I used to smile but it didn’t fix what we had torn apart

Now I’ve got more to give to you
Something that we can make true
My journey has been long but I’ve come out the other side
It’s not too late to start again
I fell in love with my best friend
You know me inside out
Got no more scars for me to hide

I have not yet discovered who I am
But I found a way to love what I’ve become
Now I am looking for a place to put that love
Just to find that loved shared back in return

I feel like I’m ready, ready, ready to be loved
(I’m ready, ready to be loved)

If only you’ll love me
Why won’t you love me?

I sat alone and bathed in tears that flew me back home
I shouldn’t be here, this is wrong, why have you done this?
I’m sorry that my loving you has made you need to hurt me

The drama that occurred before
We so don’t need it anymore
I closed my eyes, lay on the floor
And heard you walk away

You could not wait to say goodbye
You will not see the tears I cry
You’ll never know how my heart broke
When you made our love die


I told him that I would go on
I will succeed, just you wait and see
I hoped that you would be with me
Right by my side but he walked away

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