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Just for You - text


One by one troubles are set aside
Step by step we come to address what we’re feeling inside

Give me your hand and I swear I won’t let go
Take you away to a place only we know
Give me your word and I swear I won’t leave
Coz where else would I rather be

Just for you, 愛してる
Want you here forever, love is never better
Than with you although it might be new
Trust in your endeavour coz it’s now or never baby

The pain we’re feeling might be healing
If we can leave the past where it belongs
The truth is never wrong and I will never say goodbye
My heart cannot tell a lie when I’m with you

One by one the players will lose their game
Step by step we moved to the same lull until we both met


Coz that’s how true love is meant to be
And maybe one day the rest will all see
The ties that keep holding us back
Should be left in the past
It’s just you and me


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