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*I know you know
I know what you did
Yeah, I found out
So grateful, so grateful
You know I know
You know that it’s true
Shut it down now
Throw it in

**Every time that you break down and cry
You know I want to say “I love you”
But there’s a feeling that I feel inside
That stops me saying the words
Don’t ever want to think about tomorrow
Cause we’ll only live for tonight

That summer we spent every night
Lying in each other’s arms
But by the time the winter came
It’d frozen up my heart
You tried your best to warm me up
But I can’t take no more
Without you my heart will thaw

And we hold each other like
The world’s supposed to end
And because of that fact
We both could pretend
That love does exist here
And we were meant to be
But how can we be now that I can see


We’ve become so ridiculous
That happiness oblige
We should be free for you and me
To cross the great divide
And when we go our separate ways
And become who we are
I’ll still keep you in my heart

And we hold each other like
Tonight is our last
And because of that fact
We forget the past
Our star syncopation
Was never meant to be
So let’s not resist so instantly


And this, my sweet darling,
Is our final bow
The curtain will fall
As we wave to the crowd

So pick up all your flowers
And pick up all your pain
And take them all home
Knowing you won’t see me again
And hold them tight
With the memory of our final night
(I want to give it all to you)

And this, my sweet darling,
Is where we shall part
They cannot forgive us
For this broken heart

No matter what our lives will be
At least we can be true
(Loving you)
Is the only thing I can’t do


(Only tonight)



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