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Devil’s Cry (Shall Never Surrender) - text


My honoured brethren
We come together to unite as one
Against those who are damned
We show no mercy for we have none

[*] They will see we’ll fight until eternity
Come with me, we’ll stand and fight together
Through our strength we’ll make a better day tomorrow
We shall never surrender

Devils cry and humans lie
Well, is that to say that we shouldn’t even try
You know there’s blood on your hands
Don’t cry, deny
You see you’re the one who orchestrated this goodbye

I take it with me wherever I go
A heavy shadow behind that nobody really knows about
Ima kara aishiteru jubun ja nai
Coz to me it just sounds like another lie

[**] And I’ll tell you now I’m the one to survive
You will never break my faith or my stride
And I’ll have you choke down on your own demise
Coz I make the angels scream and devil cry


Standing tall look around, I’ll be walking proud
But when the boy cries nobody hears the sound
Of silence deafens the waking mind
And with one united thought we will blast their world to blind

My strength can be found deep within a place
Your head used to rest, but now you’re gone without a trace
Kimi wa koto wasurenai yo
And all the darkness you brought with you to Hell
Ima wa demo…



Our enemies shall fall as we apprise to claim our fate
Now and forever we will be together in love and in hate


We shall never surrender…

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