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Boys and Girls (featuring 柴田知美) - text


You know that girls can be so unpredictable
They say they know what they want – then hypocritical
Just wanna ask one question – hypothetical
WTF?! (That’s what she said…)
Beautiful creatures, stalking like a predator
Hypnotic hips that draw you to the monster
Emotional and there’s no way to console her
WTF?! (That’s what she said…)

I know Venus and Mars aren’t that far apart on the galactic chart
I know so why can’t we talk about what’s in our hearts, at least for a start?

Boys and girls we’re one and the same
Feel the same emotion but deal in different ways
And that’s the problem with people playing games
Someone has to lose (and that’s you)
Boys and girls we’re one and the same
Never can communicate coz we’re both kinda lame
We’ll never change and that’s a crying shame
You don’t have to choose (because it’s you)

Them silly boys they always they think they know it all
Fooling around and so they won’t pick up your call
I’m sorry I can do better, I’m out the door
WTF?! (That’s what she said…)
They never can express the way they truly feel
Sticking their heads in the sand instead of getting real
Oh boy, just man up, it’s really no big deal
WTF?! (That’s what she said…)


Come on now ladies (Yeah!)
Don’t be acting this way
Ain’t no reason to be shy if you got something to say

And all the fellas (Yeah!)
Why d’ya need to play games?
I want a man not a boy who thinks he can for a day

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