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Beatiful Sadness - text


Eight AM on a Tuesday morning
Smoke-stenched air and the sun is dawning merrily
The frost is thick and my clothes still stink
Of a million memories that don’t stop haunting me
And I weep…

* Sad like 桜
Bleed like the blossom
Into the water
Almost forgotten

My teeth I brush and in love we trust
A belief we still should lust for when the morning comes
And a flame the burns your fearless flight
Can light your way through the lonely nights endearingly
But I weep…


Sad like 桜
Fly through the Spring sky
Into the fire
Make my will alright

** I’d die without you
In your arms I would cry
The world’s gone to pieces
Yet we’ll still be fine
I pray for your touch
And your kiss
And that you will be mine
But we’ll see
That your next angel
Won’t be me

In the dark you’re only lost if you’re alone
Every day mourn the tears that will lead you home


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Jones Bentley texty

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