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Do you rise in the dark
Do you sink in the mud
Does the air weigh you down
Do you wish sometimes do you wish that you’d just drown
I’ve been a liar, and you are much wiser
But I’m trying to reach out to you
And if you loathe me for all the things that I do
Just know that I will always love you
(because you’re my only one)
Do the spirits help you forget about it all
Do the embers make you feel good only for so long
Do the ashes make your body wheeze and complain as it strains
Trapped and smothered in a torturous state
The strength of your heart that does not break
From the weight of life that chokes you in its wake
You are so brave, you are so brave
Untie, untie this wretched knot
Are you caught between the dark and the dawn
Are you left with a blank canvas after all you’ve drawn
Does your face stare back in the dead depths of the mirror
Are you looking for an edge, a sharp edge that will cut it all away
But it’s only more pain, it’s another part of you bleeding you away
You don’t look at me but I have two hands willing to help you
Untie that wretched knot that’s eating you away

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