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Because of Toledo - text


Because of Toledo
I got sober and stayed clean
Pickups in the wild prairies
Shadows dancing in between
Girl leans on your jukebox
In a pair of old blue jeans
Says I live here but I don't really
Live anywhere

Because of Toledo
Tuesday, it's raining
And I'm pulling on my shoes
Guess I quit believing in
Early morning news
There's a boy order his coffee
And settled down to think
How the women that you love sometimes
Are the water that you drink
Then another faded waitress, dressed in pink

Cries for Toledo
The lipstick and the cocaine traces
One face in a thousand faces
I stumble through so many places

Because of Toledo
The highway looks so thin
I see another motel sign
And I think of pulling in
Write your name upon the mirror there
Only secret that I know
But I guess that I'd be only
Chasing rainbows

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