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Behold the black door
My sickness rose between us
Here you roam,
Confined in prison cell
The ghost of your voice in a
Disgusting taste whispers my name

Spit to the face my darkness shall embrace
se**** meat disappeared in a blink
Dogs always keep their promisies
As you puke on my feet

Behold my entrails border
Your flesh to the sublime
With my claws sticking
Into your decomposed remnants
The essence of your soul
Which streams in me
And that I passionately hate

Despite your vain efforts
Watch your remains
Slide on the wall
All these small pieces of you
You, poor weak little thing

Nothing but this insidious
And treacherous nature
Wishing to expel you
And your toxicity
Exhale your soul
Through my fetid breath

Spit to the face
My darkness shall embrace
Nothing but decay

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