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Smoke Through the Skull - text

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Skeletal nature, so vulnerable
Control of threatening cloud shapes, drawn against me
Skin penetration, sarcastic intrusion
Taking away my thoughts through an innocent mouth
Piercing virginity
Tracing with a vicious scalpel
On the black cephalic domain
Special tools for a flowing paint
Skies changing according to my will
Cards become precisely exciting
With such a chaotic disharmony
That I drown in it with pleasure
They entered, forced me and I subdued them
Intruders vaporized in toxic air
Crossing the open door to the soul
The smoke through the skull
Magnetic control attempt
The smoke through the skull
A delicious, tamed haze that can bite at any time
My skin liquefies, falls to the ground and infiltrates the mud
The gases burn the disintegrated tissue, show them the dark design
Savor my dripping flesh while the master climbs to the top of my fortress
The closed box of unbearable memories covered with dust
He shatters the already cracked door
And the child cries
Schizophrenic influence syndrome
Dimensions where the mind can travel
Human condition sometimes asks for anesthesia
Says the smoke
Swimming in the ocean of anguish
Disturbed by articular crepitation
Seeking oxygen when the invisible gags you
When you can’t breathe anymore

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